Image with artwork a character standing done from sketch to full color

Commission Site

For the latest and most diverse examples of my artwork, click the image above to be redirected to my commission website. Because I take commissions from online communities, I don't put any personally identifying information on the site.


I've been an artist since early middle school, and I've been working with digital art since high school. During that time, I competed in the 4-H Fine Arts division (with a Grand Champion and several Champion placements to show for it), and I also took group lessons with a local artist. In high school, I took 4 years of art classes including an Independent Study. All of this has given me a strong skill base and taught me to work with references. I also learned how to do basic 3D modeling during my time with my FIRST robotics team, and in college I've used Maya and Unity with the Video Game Design Club.

Digitally, I work in Photoshop, PaintTool SAI, and Illustrator. Generally I use an Intuos tablet when I draw. I also have experience with GIMP, After Effects, and on the 3D modeling side, 3ds Max and Maya. I've worked with most of the Adobe Master Suite in my time in IM classes.