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This copy of my electronic is a generic and unabridged version. If I submitted a copy of my resume to you, I probably trimmed information less relevant to the position. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at sgrace@vt.edu.



ACM's GROUP conference opened a Design Fiction paper category this year, and my paper detailing a fictional user study was accepted for publication and presentation at the conference. The paper uses a near-future study as a basis for exploring how incorporating data-mined interaction processes from one version into the next version of an interface might change the technology over time.

[Link to "Incorporation of Generational Learning in Familiar Interfaces and Systems: A Design Fiction"]

In my undergrad at Bradley, due to my help facilitating CSEdWeek workshops with my school's ACM branch, I had the honor of helping coauthor two articles about the events. For the article published in CCSC, Professor Tennyson and I also attended the regional conference to present our paper.

[Link to "CSEdWeek workshops for secondary students"]

[Link to "Improving Computer Science Education through CSEd Week Workshops"]

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